VAO Software Release: Scalable Cross Comparison Service (version 1.1)

The VAO has released a new version of the Scalable Cross Comparison (SCC) Service v1.1 on 02 January, 2013. SCC is a web-based application that performs spatial crossmatching between user source tables and on-line catalogs.  New features of the service include:

  • Indexed cross-match candidate tables for very large and frequently used survey catalogs.  New indexed catalogs include PPMXL, WISE, DENIS3, UCAC3, TYCHO2.
  • Interoperability of SCC with other VO tools and services via SAMP. With SAMP, tools can broadcast data from one tool to the next without the need to read or write files. Examples of other SAMP enabled virtual observatory tools include DDT, Iris, Topcat, Vizier, DS9). This is a Beta release of  interoperability in SCC.

Try it now at Feedback on your experience with the SCC service is appreciated! Please send your comments, suggestions, and questions  to the VAO Help Desk.

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