SAMPy release 1.2.0

The new SAMPy release (1.2.0) is available at the PANDORA group site:

Updates include:

  • Fully support to SAMP_HUB environment variable as specified in SAMP 1.2 protocol.
  • Added the possibility of specify a custom lockfile explicitly when a new hub instance is created (-f or –lockfile from command line, lockfile parameter of SAMPHubServer class).
  • SAMPClient and SAMPIntegratedClient updated adding a generic bindReceiveMessage method, which allows to bind a single function to calls and notifications.
  • Added SAMPMsgReplierWrapper decorator class/function, useful to wrap bound functions that might return a response (calls or generic functions passed to bindReceiveMessage). This decorator accepts a client instance as argument and allows to return response parameters as a simple map (without the need of explicitly call the reply operation).
  • example script added showing the decorators use.
  • utility script added. It is able to serve a lockfile (or any other file) through an HTTP address.

********* IMPORTANT NOTE *********

We wish to draw your attention to the following message, also posted on the PANDORA home page:

After more than five years, due to lack of manpower and funds, we cannot support the Pandora programs and help-desk any more. As from October first 2010, the help-desk will be unavailable, and programs will not be updated any more, not even for bug fixing. The current version of SAMPy and all our programs will remain available for download for a few months, without any support or guarantee for installation and usage. If during these five years you have appreciated our work, and wish to support us for a last attempt to raise funds, you may go to this link and subscribe our petition.

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