Science Tools & Services

  • Data Discovery Tool
    Retrieve astronomical data about a given position or object in the sky.
  • Iris: SED Analysis Tool
    Find, plot, and fit spectral energy distributions (SEDs) with this desktop application.
  • Cross-Comparision Tool
    Perform fast positional cross-matches between an input table of up to 1 million sources and common astronomical source catalogs.
  • Time Series Search Tool
    Discover time-series data from three major archives & analyze them with the NASA Exoplanet Archive periodogram application.
  • VOClient – Access the VO from Your Desktop

View a welcome and introduction to the VAO Science Tools from director Robert Hanisch:

VO Tools and Applications from Other VO Projects and the Research Community

Below is just a selective sample of the VO tools and services that have been developed by various Virtual Observatory projects around the world. For a more complete listing, see this evolving list at the IVOA Applications Working Group page. Prototypes produced by the predecessor to the VAO are still available at

  • Monitor real-time alerts of transient events: Skyalert
  • Manipulate tabular data graphically: TOPCAT
  • Query & cross-match VO databases: seleste
  • Find & overlay images at different wavelengths: Aladin
  • Make mosaics from 2MASS, DPOSS, or SDSS: Montage
  • Plot results from VO queries: VOPlot
  • Reduce, analyze, & display astronomical data within the IRAF environment, with enhanced VO capabilities IRAF v. 2.16
  • Perform simple & sophisticated statistical routines on large datasets: VOStat