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VO Days/Workshops

During these “VO Days”, aimed at research astronomers, VO experts from the Virtual Astronomical Observatory (VAO) – one of many VO projects worldwide – demonstrate new tools and services for data-intensive astronomy in the context of a range of science use cases and tutorials. If you would like to host a VO Day in your community, please contact us! We can customize the content of these presentations according to the needs of your local astronomy community.

Previous VO Days have been held in: Q/A Forum for Astronomical Computing is a forum for anyone engaging in the analysis of astronomical or planetary data, whether that data be observational or theoretical. It is a free, community driven site where discussions are primarily formulated around the “question and answer” format. Think of astrobabel as a gathering place for the collective community intelligence about “astronomical computing.” was released through the support of the Virtual Astronomical Observatory in the United States.  More about Astrobabel.comBrowse the ForumApply for Membership

Get Help

If you have questions about using the VAO, making your data available to VAO users, or wish to get involved with VAO activities, please contact us using our contact form.

How Others Have Used the VO

Here is a list of selected scientific publications mainly enabled by VO tools or about VO tools and methods.

Acknowledging the VAO

Have you used VAO tools or services in your research? See this page for how to acknowledge the VAO.