VO Community Day – Austin, TX

Science Tools for Data-Intensive Astronomy
Virtual Observatory Workshop — American Astronomical Society 219th Meeting, Austin, TX

January 2012

Science Program:

  • Welcome & Introduction to the Virtual Observatory
  • Energetic processes within AGN, adding (mock) ALMA data to the SED of a Fermi blazar, illustrating the SED/Iris Tool (R. D’Abrusco)
  • How can I overlay a legacy survey catalog on an image that I’ve just acquired? and other applications, illustrating VAO/IRAF (M. Fitzpatrick)
  • Finding brown dwarf candidates in near-IR catalogs, illustrating the Scalable Crossmatch Tool (B. Berriman)
  • New data on young stellar objects (YSOs), illustrating the Data Discovery Portal (A. Muench)
  • Increasing the population of RR Lyrae stars in the Galactic bulge to help understand Galactic structure, illustrating Interoperable Time Series Capabilities (M. Graham)
  • Data Mining & Extraction (DAME)
  • Data from the literature, illustrating the VAO AstroExplorer (A. Accomazzi)

Education Program

A Standards-Based Approach to using Astronomical Data in the Classroom with Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope.

  • Education & Outreach in the VAO Project
  • Introduction to the World Wide Telescope
  • Educator participation at WWT workstations (in groups)
    • Using the WWT to study the Solar System
    • Using the WWT to study the Universe
    • Creating a tour in the WWT