Comet vs Meteor (A Comparison And Other FAQs)

Comets and meteors are objects which look incredibly similar as they streak across the sky leaving a bright tail behind, but the key difference between them is that comets are made of ice and dust, whereas meteors are made of rock and iron.

This article will explore the differences between comets and meteors and answer other related questions.

Comet vs Meteor (Explained)

What is a Comet?

Comets are large objects made of ice and dust, usually around 10 miles in width, that orbit the sun.

Comets were formed during the solar system around 4.6 billion years ago.

Comets are usually further out in the solar system, but when comets enter our inner solar system that’s when we see them streaking across the sky.

Comets have a frozen core, which is called the nucleus.

As the comet starts to orbit the sun it heats up and the ice turns to gas.

As the gas streams away from the nucleus, light from the sun turns this into the bright tail that we see in the sky.

What is a Meteor?

A meteor is also known as a shooting star, and a meteor shower is when there are lots of shooting stars in the sky.

Meteor showers can also happen when the Earth passes through debris left over from a comet.

Meteors can range from the size of a grain of sand to a car.  

As meteorites, which are rocks or iron objects, enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they start to glow like a fireball and turn into a meteor with a bright tail.

There are three different types of meteors:

  • Earth grazers are meteors which are close to the horizon and have the longest tails.
  • Fireballs are the most common meteors that we see, as they are bright and last for longer.
  • Bolides are the biggest meteors and explode in the atmosphere.

What are the Similarities and Differences Between Comets and Meteors?


  • Comets and meteors are both objects that form further out in space, yet when they enter the inner solar system or the Earth’s atmosphere they begin to streak across the sky.
  • Comets and meteors look incredibly similar as they have a bright tail glowing behind them.
  • There are common misconceptions that comets are shooting stars as they look so similar, yet shooting stars are meteors.


  • Comets and meteors are made up of different materials. Comets are made of dust, ice, and gas, whereas meteors are meteoroids that have entered the Earth’s atmosphere, made of rock and iron.
  • Comets are visible when they are far from Earth, yet meteors are closer to the Earth’s atmosphere when we see them in the sky.

What are Meteors Made Of?

Meteors are made up of three materials:

  • Iron meteors are made of iron and nickel.
  • Stony meteors are made of up to 15% iron and nickel and up to 90% silicates.
  • Stony-iron meteors are made up of 50% iron and 50% silicates.

What is a Meteoroid?

A meteoroid is an object made of rock or iron that orbits the sun out in space, then becomes a meteor once it enters the Earth’s atmosphere.

Meteoroids can be various sizes, ranging from grains of sand to meters wide.

The smallest, micrometeoroids, are fragments of space dust which have broken off comets or other planets.

What is the Difference Between a Meteor and a Meteorite?

Meteorites are broken meteoroids that have survived passing through the Earth’s atmosphere as a meteor and have landed on the Earth.

The key difference is that meteors are in the sky, whereas meteorites are on the Earth.

What is a Fireball?

A fireball is a very bright meteor which is brighter than any of the planets at a magnitude of -4 or greater.

It is rare to see a fireball, especially during the day as it needs to be bright enough to be seen against the light of the sun.

A bolide is a type of fireball meteor which explodes into a flash and fragments.

Are Comets Made of Ice?

Comets are made up of dust and ice.

The core of the comet is frozen and is called the nucleus.

Comets orbit the sun, and as they get close to the sun this is when the ice begins to melt.

The ice turns into gas, and the gas and dust create a cloud around the nucleus, which is called the coma.

Are Comets Shooting Stars?

The biggest misconception between comets and meteors is that they are both thought to be shooting stars, as they both streak across the sky with bright tails behind them.

Yet meteors are shooting stars, whereas the dust from comets can turn into meteors and shooting stars.

Meteors are called shooting stars, or sometimes falling stars, in reference to the bright light as the meteoroid burns up in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The tails that comets leave behind are made of gas and dust.

This space dust can turn into meteors as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere, burning up and turning into the bright tails of light which we see as shooting stars in the sky.

Shooting stars can occur at any time, yet there are meteor showers which occur when the Earth passes through a cloud of space dust, causing many small meteors to burn up at once and around 100 shooting stars could be seen in just an hour.

In Summary

Comets and meteors can be confused for each other as they look like shooting stars in the sky with bright tails behind.

The key difference is that comets are made of ice which melts as they near the sun in orbit, releasing gas, whereas meteors are meteoroids made of rock and iron which burn up as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

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