Constellations for Friendship: 5 Stories Written in The Stars

Are you the type of person who believes that miracles are written in the stars above?

You must have come across people you hold close to your heart, and some with whom it doesn’t “make sense”. You’d be surprised to know that this match is a work of the stars shining bright in the night sky! Constellations have been used for ages to make matches, and some also detect friendships and their compatibility.

Read on to get to know more about these stars, and how they shape experiences throughout one’s life!

Constellations for Friendship: 5 Stories


Also known as the Swan, Cygnus is one of the most popular Constellation, owing to the fact that it contains the first known black hole, Cygnus-X1.

It is easily visible in the night sky and resembles its name.  

It was discovered in the 2nd Century CE by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy.

Due to its magnificent size and its particular location, Cygnus is easily available in the night sky.

It can be seen crossing paths with the Northern Cross and is most prominent during mid-August and September.

In Greek methodology, Cygnus is a representation of friendship and long-lost love.

Cygnus was a companion to Phaethon, the child of Apollo.

Phaethon tried to drive Apollo’s chariot (the Sun) across the sky one day.

He failed to keep a grip therefore was shot out of the sky by Zeus before he could cause any more harm to the Earth.

Phaethon arrived in a stream, and Cygnus continued to plunge into the waterbody like a swan to track down his companion.

Zeus was so intrigued by Cygnus’s faithfulness and fellowship that he transformed him into a swan and set his picture into the night sky.

Although not classified as a Zodiac sign, Cygnus is known in the realm of friendships as the loyalty and will to go out of one’s way to be with the people they love, until nature finds a way to unite them for eternity.


Aries appears in the shape of a bull’s horns, so as to complement its name.

Falling under the Zodiac category of constellations, Aries was discovered by the Greeks and Babylonians in ancient times, it was officially recognized in the year 1922 by the International Astronomical Union.

Aries is not one of the stars to be easily viewed.

It is best seen during winter darkness, particularly around 9 pm on a December night.

It is found in the Northern fraction, with Taurus on the Eastside and Pieces on the west.

In the eyes of the Greeks who discovered it, Aries was viewed as a Ram, symbolizing hope, strength, and sacrifice.

The ram was offered to Zeus for sacrifice, the leader of the Gods.

The ram’s fleece was viewed as sacred and placed in a temple, which later on became famous in the stories of Jason and the Argonauts; a tale of revenge and deception.

Aries tend to be straight-forward and therefore are often seen as hard to be friends with.

But once that initial barrier is crossed, Aries will prove to be friends who have your back and don’t talk behind it.

To keep matters in check, it’s good to have an Aries with you for better or worse.


The word Sagittarius means ‘Archer’ in Latin, and keeping this translation in mind, the constellation itself is symbolized by a bow being shot by a centaur (half-man/half-horse).

The constellation was discovered by people in the Babylonian era, approximately during the 11th century BC.

Sagittarius, when viewed from the Southern end is relatively easy to spot.

The Archer perfectly points its bow towards our beloved Milky Way on a clear night in August or September.

Composed of 32 stars inside it, the brightest star in the constellation forms a unique image of a teapot in the sky, making it easy to spot from afar.

According to Greek mythology, Sagittarius is considered the children of Ixion and Nephele, a cloud nymph.

They were seen as cowboys of outer space, who used their lasso to control the cattle up in the sky.

The can be considered a representation of order and structure.

During the shortest day of the year (solstice) on 21st December, the sun gleams precisely in front of this constellation.

People with this star sign tend to be easygoing and good at making friends.

They have extensive and diverse social circles; where one clicks, the friendship kicks off.

Their outgoing personality coupled with their selflessness makes Sagittarius great friends and long-term companions.


Placed in the Northern Hemisphere, Gemini is one of the oldest constellations.

It was discovered in the 2nd century by Ptolemy, the Greek Astronomer.

It is the 30th major constellation and is also the third Zodiac sign.

Their visibility peaks around mid-December each year.

Gemini is symbolized by twins, Pollux and Castor. According to Greek mythology, one was a great fighter and the other a talented horseman and both of them were inseparable.

However, after the death of Castor, Pollux begged Zeus to bring his twin back to life.

Zeus agreed but conditioned them to spend half their life on Earth and the other half in the sky.

Since then, the two have always been seen together.

It is believed that sailors who see the two stars together during journeys experience glad tidings while seeing just one brings misfortune to the observer.

In terms of personalities, Geminis are able to make close connections owing to their flexibility and their will to socialize.


In Latin, the word Auriga means “The Charioteer”.

The constellation is named so because the collection of its stars forms the helmet of a Charioteer.

Cataloged in the 2nd century CE by Ptolemy, Auriga is one of the oldest constellations.

It is also the 21st largest constellation in the sky.

Auriga is found in the Northern Hemisphere, specifically in the primary quarter.

Auriga represents the Lame God who designed a chariot to travel around the world.

Symbolically, Auriga is primarily based on is often depicted preserving a woman goat and her children, in conjunction with the wheels of a chariot.

Although not a Zodiac sign, Auriga represents commitment and determination, coupled with the desire to explore the unknown despite the complications that exist all around.

Constellations continue to be one of the most magical wonders of the universe we live in.

Taken for their grandeur, they are often used for making life decisions and much more.

However, gaining sufficient knowledge about them makes one know that the real enchantment lies in the unknown.

Using that, shape a beautiful future, with or without a little help from the stars above.

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